Who we are

EDUCATION EXPERT NETWORK was founded in 2018 by Wilmar Diepgrond - one of the leading experts in the field of educational publishing with excellent expertise in the field of digital transformtion and innovation processes.

We support our customers with setting customised objectives and the development of efficient strategies to realise sustainable results. 

For this purpose, we offer expertise, knowledge and networks which are based on over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry in management, strategy, aquisition, restructuring, process optimization, innovation management and interim management - with focus on vocational education.


Furthermore we are experienced in  working for companies with different shareholder structures: publicly listed companies, private-equity companies and familiy-owned companies.

Our global network is remarkable and outstanding: Wilmar Diepgrond's long-standing work as chairman of the German educational publishers association (" Verband Bildungsmedien") and currently as chair of the 'Educational Publisher Forum' within the International Publishiers Assosciation (IPA; based in Geneva) has created contacts to decision-makers in the international educational industry,  - a network from which clients can benefit.

And this international Network is, in the acutal digital world, in which globalization is playing an increasingly significant role in the field of educational media, more important than ever before: Intelligent combination and assesment of valuable information and contacts creates the advantage to reach the peak - and to stay there.


The name speaks for itself:

It is about education. It is about knowledge. It is about connections to other people.